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Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a Complex Negotiations Strategist by trade and the Chief at Dispute Intelligence²™, the world's only special intelligence training program in commercial negotiations, deal-making and disputes. I know what you're thinking: this is downright sexier than a Victoria's Secret fashion show, right?   

My philosophy is "more value, less drama". I believe that every good negotiator should be able to put out fires, but that the mark of a truly great negotiator is his ability to think 20 steps ahead of the game so he never has any *real* fires to put out.

I teach managers and leaders (who want to upgrade their soft skills) special strategies to create and leverage real value in negotiations, and then to manage disputes with special intel² (without a team of lawyers or dirty tricks). 

How? With a swag of secret weapon. This includes my genius strategies, tools,  systems and magic tricks backed by over 1000GB intel² on human dynamics x tested extensively in commercial practice, not available anywhere else on the planet. Ask me about it all. I'm a tease like that.

is it for you?


It won't work if:

  • You want to avoid risk-taking. You need to be OK with some risk-taking…to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

  • You're looking for shortcuts to line your pocket. You'll be disappointed here if you're single-minded in that pursuit.

  • You're tied to the status quo. If you need things to stay the way they are then this will NOT work.

  • You have all the answers. You'll be disappointed here if you already have all the answers.

It could be a good fit if:

  • You manage disputes. You're a manager/partner who manages ongoing relationships as they turn to disputes.

  • You want durable solutions to improve your practice. You'll sharpen your mental tools and have greater influence over the status quo with clients, colleagues and others.

  • You're willing to change the status quo. You know things could be done cleaner, smarter, better. You're open to change to improve things. 

  • You're ready to step out of the Matrix of disputes. You won't blindly follow experts. You want to manage disputes with wisdom, not false knowledge.

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