forget the drama

Disputes today take more to manage than ever before ... more time, more money, more legal stuff. 

... well, not on my watch. My approach cuts to the chase to deliver real, lasting solutions that'll actually make things better ... with less time, less money and less (unnecessary) legal stuff. (And yes, it's backed by truckloads of research and tested like a mother*&%$#@ in practice.)

So forget dispute drama already. And get ready to shift gears, take back real control and manage your own disputes.

meet jamie

I'm Jamie and I can teach you to master disputes and negotiations on your own, without a team of lawyers or dirty tricks.

Big claim, right? Not when you have genius strategies, tools and systems backed by over 1,000GB in human dynamics x tested extensively across industries over years in practice.

They've served me and clients to save more money than I'd care to say, not to mention our pride, sanity and faith in humanity.

is it for you?


It won't work if:

  • You want to avoid risk-taking. You need to be OK with some risk-taking…to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

  • You're looking for shortcuts to line your pocket. You'll be disappointed here if you're single-minded in that pursuit.

  • You're tied to the status quo. If you need things to stay the way they are then this will NOT work.

  • You have all the answers. You'll be disappointed here if you already have all the answers.

It could be a good fit if:

  • You manage disputes. You're a manager/partner who manages ongoing relationships as they turn to disputes.

  • You want durable solutions to improve your practice. You'll sharpen your mental tools and have greater influence over the status quo with clients, colleagues and others.

  • You're willing to change the status quo. You know things could be done cleaner, smarter, better. You're open to change to improve things. 

  • You're ready to step out of the Matrix of disputes. You won't blindly follow experts. You want to manage disputes with wisdom, not false knowledge.

© 2019 by Jamie Nuich.

DISPUTES reimagined.