intel² games

Have you got what it takes?

Coming soon. Play online negotiation games and climb the ranks to become one of the chosen few, grand-slam master negotiators. 

Access will open for one day every quarter. 

Level 1

Level 2

Will you thrown in the towel? Will you plot revenge? Will you break?  

Will your emotions get the better of you? 

emotional trials

blind desires

betrayals of logic 

Can you resist temptation and distraction

Or will you be led astray by blind desires? 

This time you're operating under false logic. 

Can you pick it before it catches you off guard? 

Level 8

Can you separate and change discrete parts of the deal

without losing the whole deal? Can you pick the true dealbreakers from the dispensable terms?

the stranger

What or who will you put your confidence in? 

part vs whole

plato's magic

Can you tell the fake from the real? 

Will you see through Plato's charms and spells?

Level 4

Level 5

Can you strike the right deal without getting hustled?

Can you spot the boardroom hustles or will you be bamboozled?

boardroom hustles

Can you pass through the streets

and meet your goals

without getting hustled? 

Can you spot the social myths that

are weighing down your deals? 

Can you use them to leverage better deals?

Or will myths overshadow your best deals

social myths

street hustles

Level 3

Level 6

Level 7

Level 9

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