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First, Some Context...

Plato's Cave

Liam Neeson Cool in a Crisis Kit

Dispute Intelligence²

Mental Anesthetics

Mental Surgery

Mental Sutures 

Neuro-Hijacking Is ... 

A Positive Way

What is This Manual For? 


This is NOT a Death Threat 

Fatal Attraction

Old Boy

confuse "what is good" with "what is bad"  

real, good and beautiful


Wild 'N Out

Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5

Google's offices 


A battle of wits  

Provocative conversations 

Status games

Angry Birds

Lilly Singh

Prince EA

Injustice or Disrespect

The Fairness Experiment

Bill Eddy

High-Conflict Personality

Futility Under Pressure 

Ego checks

Learned helplessness

Nassim Taleb

Watch this video on Learned Helplessness

Triggered Over-Reactions 

crime of passion


Malcolm Tucker

toilet-themed cafe

study done

Stockholm syndrome

Wayne Dyer

Shocks to the System 


To Kill a Mockingbird

Status Anxiety


"Burn her. She's a witch." 

The Purge

The Dictator Helicopter Scene.



Get your mits on it here

Humour (& Other Incongruencies) 

Irony (not to be confused with ambiguity)


Treachery of images

"halfway between thought and feeling ..."  

Attention-Grabbing Stimulation 


Emma Chamberlain

Watch Sindhu Vee explain

Rhythms that Hit an Emotional Sweet-Spot 


Iambic pentameter

The Managed Heart 

Primal leadership

Barack Obama  

Michelle Obama

Bad Guy

Everything I Wanted

Ocean Eyes


Funeral Oration

Watch this compelling breakdown of the speech

Primal leadership

Senseless Nonsense & Ambiguity 

Ambiguity (not to be confused with irony)

some of the greatest logicians who ever lived ended up going mad

This person (pictured above) [COMPLEX IRONY]

Watch this Youtube video to see how this is done [TAKE EVERYTHING LITERALLY]


The Pocket-Sized Swiss Army Knife 

Tool 2: this is a sign of submission

Tool 8: Kiss Me, Petruchio

Tool 15: Much A Do About Nothing 

Tool 16: PTSD assistance dogs 

Tool 20: article and Hacking Time 

Part 2 (Bonus Excerpt) 

Liam Neeson Cool in a Crisis Kit 

Dispute Intelligence² 

Learn to Speak the Language of Emotions

Playlists to feel different emotions 

  • Feel Bitter - signals there's some boundary crossed, feeling mistreated

  • Feel Numb - signals alienation, feeling cut off and disconnected

  • Feel Distress - signals something is wrong in a bad way

  • Feel Disturbed - signals disillusionment and a break from reality

  • Feel Grief - signals a loss, a need to let go

  • Feel Enchanted - signals a fantasy, passions, heat

  • Feel Love - signals the pursuit of the whole

  • Feel Redeemed - signals a relief from shame, an acceptance of one's humanity

  • Feel Graceful - signals an ability to harmonise and elevate the experience, not tied down to pettiness or hostilities

  • Feel Playful - it just feels fun to play for the sake of playing

  • Feel Connected - it just feels nice to belong, to truly connect with others, to engage in dialectic reasoning, to share understandings, frustrations and curiosities

  • Feel Powerful - it just feels good to feel in power rather than powerless

  • Feel Hopeful - it just feels nice to innocently look forward to good things

  • Feel Serenity -  it just feels calming to have peace of mind

Part 3 (Bonus Excerpt) 

Mental Anesthetics, Mental Surgery and Mental Sutures

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