To make it as an entrepreneur, you MUST be smarter than everyone around you. No ifs, buts or exceptions.


Why? Because ...

  • You need to change minds & hearts

  • You need to create/establish value

  • You need to eliminate the competition

  • You need to have all the power and reach of an established powerhouse company with hundreds of employees ... despite the fact that you are merely ONLY one lone person (with limited resources, time and patience for BS)

And if you don't?

  • ... you will fail miserably ... your ideas don't launch

  • ... you won't have the leverage to bring your vision to life

  • ... you'll lose control of the status quo

  • ... you'll have to cop abuse, get fleeced in negotiations and wrestle with hard-nosed freebie-hunters looking to take advantage

Yikes!  Why take those chances?  As an entrepreneur, you NEED to invest in good negotiation skills to stay on your game, to break into industries, and to change and then control the status quo.

negotiation for entrepreneurs


If that resonates with you, then this event is for you. I teach advanced negotiation courses. And this event is specifically for the entrepreneurs. Join me and go from negotiating to survive, to negotiating on autopilot like a negotiation mastermind.

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The event will stream live on two platforms.


IMPORTANT - DON'T MISS my FREE Negotiation for Entrepreneurs Cheat Sheet with Better-than-Psychology Techniques and Frameworks (RRP $99) if you attend a Live Event. Fair warning - the link will go down after livestream! So make sure you attend to get the goodies!