How to Conquer 99% of Niggling Negotiations with this ONE Concept

Do you want to learn to conquer 99% of niggling negotiations with just one concept? Keep reading. This is for you.

But first, a personal story

A while back now, I started working as a mediator.

I won't lie - it seemed easy: "I was a lawyer. I know people. It'll be like babysitting" I thought.

Ha! Not quite.

In fact, when the time came to enter the arena and take control of real, 3D human dynamics and drama ... I FLOPPED about like a fish in the Sahara Desert.

It was absolute hell:

  • Every meeting was me against 2-6 people with different agendas, backgrounds, personalities and ranks, all spinning different stories, running different arguments and going off script to hijack the meeting :s

  • One woman complained to the State Minister when the other side didn’t give into her BLACKMAIL demands - she then blame me for not pressuring the other side to accept those blackmail demands :s wtf.

  • One lawyer pulled out his phone mid-conference to record the CONFIDENTIAL conversation ... wrong on so many levels.

  • Another lawyer said “I have an idea: why don’t you let ME run this mediation?*cringe*

  • And ... that's not even half of it!

Basically, I learned the hard way that all my prior knowledge and experience was as useless as trying to stop terrorists from hijacking a plane with a water gun ... and I NEEDED a better arsenal of knowledge if I was ever going to turn things around.

Have you had similar struggles?

Even if you aren't a mediator, maybe you've had similar struggles where ...

  • technically, you're following the rules ... to the letter of the law even ...

  • but you end up stuck in frustrating and unrelenting hostile negotiations, where more often than not, others try to bend you like a pretzel ...

  • you do everything right, but you still feel like a defenceless little Bambi up against savage wolves who would lie, cheat & steal to gain an advantage ...

  • you are fed up feeling powerless playing by the rules.

If that's you, then I have good news for you ...

I got tired of feeling that way too, so I set out to crack the code on the negotiation games once and for all ... and finally did!

It was then I discovered the one concept that could take ANYONE from the textbook 2D style of negotiation to the hardcore practitioner 3d+ style of negotiation.

What is this one concept?

One word: Admission

Why Admission?


Admission = YOUR Leverage

For instance, when I started using Admission, magical things happened:

  • I gained INSTANT authority. within a few minutes of meeting new parties they would say: “you are obviously very experienced in this area. What do you think I should do?

  • I could captivate and command entire rooms (of directors, lawyers, technical experts, people from all walks of life) without lifting a finger and turn a room full of hostile adversaries into well-behaved children in a classroom.

  • I had the power to call BS without getting into trouble. People would try to leave mid-conference "to pick up the kids from school", I would swiftly refuse it and insist they had to stay - they would reply sheepishly “you’re right, sorry”. Without Admission, they could have lodged a complaint against me for pressuring them into an agreement. But with it, they had to prove their compliance in the meeting, not mine.

And now you can use this concept too, in order to:

  • Gain INSTANT authority as well ... without a brain transplant or PhD in psychology before you do

  • Cut the BS, drop the games and zap power struggles IN A FLASH ... even if you're dealing with difficult personalities who want a fight or to take control

  • Increase the value of your offers exponentially, without actually having to put more on the table ... you'll learn to dangle carrots to bag diamonds

  • Command meetings, where you establish the buy-in of others for you to lead the conversation ... even if you're not the boss or the most experienced/qualified person in the room

  • Stress less and have more fun :).

Alright so now you're thinking, " ok I'm listening ... so what is this Admission thing anyway, and how does it work?"

How Admission Work

Admission is a big concept. So we'll start with a simple example.

Let's use the example of going to a theme park.

Say you decide to visit a theme park. First, you have a desire. This is key. You want something: you want access to the theme park, to ride the rollercoasters, to eat the hot dogs, to enjoy the entertainment with friends. You want a fun experience. Secondly, you must agree to the rules of entry. On your ticket or displayed at the entrance are terms & conditions that you must agree to before you’re allowed in. Things like: no tomfoolery, no queue-cutting, no dangerous shenanigans. Also key. And finally, you must pay the cost (so actually give some value in exchange for entry). Yes ... that last part is also key.

From that simple example we gain an insight into how Admission works in practice, and can distil greater dynamics to use in negotiations (using what I call the DRC Equation).

The DRC Equation is:
Desire x Rules x Costs = YOUR Leverage

And that very DRC Equation is what you can use to conquer your niggling negotiations once and for all.


Let's start with the first part of the equation: desire.

  • Desire is your foremost bargaining tool to set the status quo in negotiations.

  • Without desire, you have nothing, because 0 x 1 x 1 = 0.

  • But with desire, you gain the ability to set and change the costs and rules, and to leverage better deals like 1 x 2 x 2 = 4 ... or 1 x 5 x 10 = 50 if you can get that creative.

And that's really just the starting point on how to use Admission and the DRC Equation to conquer your niggling negotiations.

Now Admissions is a big concept, and to be fair it is too complex to explain it properly in one blog post.

But if you do want to learn this properly, I've included a breakdown on Admission and the DRC Equation in my Free DNA Kit. Signup below to get access now.

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