13 Stories
  • 13 Stories

    1 – The Bull & The Mouse (the power of the underdog)

    2 – Swimology (practical intelligence over superficial intelligence)

    3 – Saving Fish From Drowning (on personal responsibility)

    4 – How to Become a Zen Master (forming associations between mastery and survival)

    5 – Alexander the Great meets Diogenes (the power of having nothing to lose)

    6 – How the Coyote Got His Cunning (cunning comes from weakness)

    7 – Turning Water into Wine (changing the game using intelligence)

    8 – What is the 73 Tillion Dollar Question? (everything is said in conversation)

    9 – Authority Figures (not all teachers are able to teach you)

    10 – No School Next Thursday (grab attention with sticky ideas)

    11 – Overeating Samoas (no satisfaction until the plate is empty)

    12 - Play the Moral Elder (play the moral elder to discipline children)

    13 - The Farmer Story (perspective change, what is good does not)


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