Make Better Agreements with Values

Make Better Agreements with Values

Without values, we're nothing.
We are ants climbing up an anthill, as Aristotle would say.
We play follow the leader, without rhyme or reason.
We live to survive, not to thrive. Even if there's material wealth, without values we can still suffer a spiritual poverty.
And ...worst of all, we are easy to manipulate with greed, intimidation, unchecked desires and false emotions.

But values make us strong.
Values make us more than mindless drones, following basic desires.
Values add value.
Values give direction.
Values create meaning.
Values are deeply motivating.
Values separate the leaders & independent-thinkers from the sheep.
Values tap into greater psychological investments.
and …
Lastly, values determine the quality of our agreements.

In fact, the quality of every agreement (whether it's personal or commercial) can be broken down like this:

Unacknowledged Values = Low-Quality Agreements.
Unclear +/or Misaligned Values = Low-Quality Agreements.
Clear + Aligned Values = High-Quality Agreements.

If you are interested in learning how to create high quality agreements, I'm running a 14 Day Subscription with frameworks and templates on how to use values in your agreements. Program starts 20 March 2020, from $2 a day.


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