5 Minutes Must-Haves Checklist (Just the Checklist)
  • 5 Minutes Must-Haves Checklist (Just the Checklist)

    Do you know what you want before you step into negotiations? 


    Conventional advice says use your BATNAs and WATNAs: that's negotiation-speak for your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement and West Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. BATNAs and WATNAs have been universal yardsticks to play by the rules of old-school negotiations. 


    But I say BATNAs and WATNAs are sooooo 2018.


    Here, in 2020 the game has changed ... and those BATNAs and WATNAs are as outdated as landline phones are to telecommunications. 


    To stay ahead of the game in 2020, you should figure out how to tell your "must-haves" from your "just-haves" and then go after your must-haves. It seems so simple, and this is the kind of strategy that most seasoned negotiatiators use in practice to get what they want. But it's definitely not what the other negotiation texts will teach you.  


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