• Neuro-Hijacking Manual

    • When the amygdala is over-stimulated, it overrides or hijacks the prefrontal cortex. When the prefrontal cortex is hijacked, our fear and/or anger can seem to run wild. When we “flip out”, the brain has actually disengaged the prefrontal cortex. Our heart races, talk very fast or go quiet; we are no longer open to hearing advice or support from others.
    • Neuro-hijacking happens in 10 out of 10 heated negotiations. Because of neuro-hijacking, many deals are lost or squandered, many disputes persist and many relationships are irreparably damaged.  
    • You can either get on top of neuro-hijacking and learn to master it and re-engage the prefrontal cortex OR remain at the mercy and whims of neuro-hijaking forever.
    • This Manual covers everything you need to know to master neuro-hijacks in practice.
    • Includes case studies, movies, scripts & instructions to use.  

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