Neuro-Hijacking Manual
  • Neuro-Hijacking Manual

    WARNING: some people will NOT want you to read this Manual because it reveals invisible patterns that influence human relations, conflict and politics. And if you read this Manual, then those patterns cannot be used against you anymore. So, it is good for you, but not good for people who want to use those patterns against you.

    This Manual is Part 1 of 3 in a revolutionary 3-Part Series (The Guardian’s Playbook) that will give you god-like levels of transpersonal intelligence and allow you to fortify your position as a wise and moral leader within your business and community. This Manual is not a medical journal (despite the name). It is a sophisticated blueprint to navigate social/business relationships and negotiations, created after extensive experience in high-end corporate consulting, politics, diplomacy, mediation and litigation, backed by 1,000GB intelligence on human dynamics, including psychology, persuasion, theatre studies, linguistics, military history and more.  

    This Manual synthesises and explains 11 neuro-hijacks (called “Gifts & Charms”) that can hijack human relations. It comes with a bonus Pocket-Sized Swiss Army Knife of 20 powerful tools designed to manage these neuro-hijacks wisely and ethically. There is NO filler content. It's all no-BS practical formulas, frameworks, tips and tools, with case studies, examples and some references to elaborate certain points. 

    Side effects of this Manual include: 

    ·         an ability to rapidly uncover your own internal-wiring

    ·         improved mental health

    ·         terminator-like discernment to pick the subtext and motivations within social settings 

    ·         an incredible power to move people (without coercion or dirty tricks) to do the right thing and become their best selves

    ·         renewed and unwavering focus to achieve your goals

    ·         special skills to resolve conflicts, settle office politics and improve relationships 

    ·         greater psychological power and leverage in negotiations. 

    This 3-Part Series is suitable for progressive leaders who manage people and are open to receive some no-BS guidance they can apply today in practice without a brain transplant, selling their soul to the devil or Nixon-levels of paranoid.

    This is How to Win Friends and Influence People on steroids for a 21st Century, no-BS world. 


    © 2019 by Jamie Nuich.

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